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What They Are Saying...

When I started to work with Nuket I had no focus or energy to get myself going in the right direction.  Six weeks later, I not only rediscovered my focus, I felt whole again and no longer a victim of circumstance. Nuket is a powerful, skilled and awesome coach and was the key for me to attract amazing opportunities into my life.


Jyett, Novelist and Coach - Copenhagen


My experience with Nüket was that she is an excellent coach, very skillful, perceptive and able to lead a coaching session to success. 


Rebecca, Senior Leader - London


Working with Nüket has been positively life-changing for me. She and I started working together as my career and life were at a critical crossroads. Her coaching was instrumental in allowing me to re-focus my attention (and intentions!), stay centered, and ensure the decisions I was making were coming from a truly authentic place and in line with my personal vision for success. The results of our coaching are positive and powerful.   Through my work with Nüket, I have been able to re-balance my life, make decisions that lead to positive results and put my energy into productive endeavors.  I am able to balance all parts of who I am and allowing me to experience more of the happiness, success, and fulfillment I desire.  I have become more empowered and see more clearly the ability I have to create what I want for my life."


Leyla, Associate School Superintendent - California


I worked with Nüket in a time that I really needed some clarity in where I was going in my personal life and my business. The coaching and enlightened moments had a big impact on me. Nüket creates a safe space to explore sensitive subjects with respect. She kept a clear focus and guided me when I needed it.  I came to a more positive perspective and have clarity moving forward on the next steps.  Our sessions were very valuable for me and my business.


Terry, Entrepreneur - Toronto


I have found a connection and how to stay true to my essential self; I’m learning to be uncompromising with my truth.  I’m becoming more skillful at navigating my days "with ease and grace"

I’m proud of the courage I've grown in myself – to let go of things I thought I needed and embrace change I feared might hurt.  I’ve learned I have real convictions and that I can change how I live my life – nothing has to stay the same! I have become a woman - It has taken COURAGE, HONESTY, and LOVE.

It also took a lot of letting go of addictive behaviors and deeply-engraved beliefs.

Thank you for stopping me from getting lost in my stories and for guiding me on how to do LESS, but MORE of what matters!


Agnieszka, European Commission - Brussels


I was nervous at first, simply because opening up to others is not an easy task. But Nüket immediately made me feel 'I can trust her with my inner feelings'. I'm glad I did.  The coaching helped me dig deep into myself and rediscover who I am, where I was struggling with my sense of purpose. I learned to seek that inner person and meditate and allow the feeling to just be. This was empowering because it helps me work through whatever pain, joy or worry I may have at the time. I have learned to appreciate myself for who I am. That's powerful!  My new affirmation from our sessions is 'I choose to be empowered'

Thank you Nüket, It was an absolute joy learning, discovering and accepting who I am. I am humbled.


Jean, Corporate Leader - London


Nüket kept me focused and on task with my goals and encouraged me to develop my ideas.  She has become my cheering squad and has given me so much support and encouragement.  I was able to explore some new projects and work through some troubling issues. Her non-judgmental, open listening allowed me to tame some of my gremlins.  Because of her insight I was able to come to terms with my whirlwind trip out west and back and to see that I always had power - I just needed to learn it for myself


Angela, Manager - Ontario


Nüket would be an asset to any organization looking for coaching support.  She clearly understands how to link the various leadership and personality assessments to help build some achievable goals. 


Tim, IT Manager - US Army 


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